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Diane Von Furstenberg Woman Scalloped Corded Lace Dress Ivory Size 6 Diane Von F nIrI79hW
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    Abstract / FREE Full Text Google Scholar
    Hendriksen, P. J.
    OpenUrl CrossRef PubMed Web of Science Twisted Neckline dress Grey Hussein Chalayan ozbTARM9
    Hendriksen, P. J., Hoogerbrugge, J. W., Themmen, A. P., Koken, M. H., Hoeijmakers, J. H., Oostra, B. A., van der Lende, T. and Grootegoed, J. A.

    Simon: 10 mcg is an inconsequential dose of B12. 500 – 1000 mcg in methycobalamin form each day would be a more suitable dose.


    B12 is stored in the liver, I always thought about it as something from old, real old times, when you coluldn´t be sure of good hunting everytime. So, when starving times one wouldn´t be without B12.

    B12 and folic acid are both known to have good effects in psychiatric problems, but in mega-doses it´s called ex juvantibus and was widely used before we had so many diffrent drugs, even thyroxin i mega-dosis was used. That I find very interesting.

    And Simon…you really need to store up a lot of B12 in your liver.


    Wow! Chis, as I said so much info out there you don’t know where to turn! When I followed the Raw vegan diet, I was told at the time just have some raw honey which has had a few bees or other insects fallen into it, you won’t taste them and you’ll get all the vitB12 you need! Damn was I so naive! Thank you. Simon


    Anonymous says

    Chris – as always…you rock!


    Adam says

    Hi Chris, I’ve relatively recently found your website and have been enjoying your posts and podcasts. In this article you say that Autism Spectrum Disorder can be caused by B12 deficiency. Do you have any proof of this, any studies you can point me towards? Are you implying that it can be a deficiency in the mother during pregnancy or some deficiency in the infant that can bring it on? As someone diagnosed with Aspergers I must say I’m interested but also skeptical. Autism has a clear genetic component and I while it is plausible that an environmental factor can trigger a genetic predisposition to it I doubt there is any firm evidence out there that proves that B12 can be a cause (or anything else at this stage). Thanks for all your great work, but I need more convincing on this one. Cheers, Adam.



    There’s an entire chapter on the possible B12-Autism connection in the book I referenced in the post (Could It Be B12). It is well-established that maternal B12 deficiency causes developmental delay, hypotonia, failure to thrive, reduced IQ and mental retardation in the mother’s offspring. Young kids with B12 deficiency exhibit delays in speech, language and social development, as well as problems with motor control. The signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency are very similar to those of ASD. There are anecdotal reports from ASD specialists that B12 injections improve symptoms in a significant percentage of ASD patients. One pilot study found that the rate of elevated urinary MMA in autistic kids was 20%. Granted, this is not proof of causality nor would I or the authors of the book claim that B12 deficiency is the sole contributing factor to ASD (that’s ridiculous, of course). But there may very well be a connection, and it’s worth pursuing further IMO.


    These Paintings of Humans With Dog Heads Deserve a Round of Appaws
    Cows Are Our New Favorite Abstract Art Subject
    Rainbow Animals Roar Across Geometric Street Art Murals
    These Paintings of Humans With Dog Heads Deserve a Round of Appaws
    Cows Are Our New Favorite Abstract Art Subject
    Rainbow Animals Roar Across Geometric Street Art Murals
    animal art

    Studies have shown that birds can distinguish Monet from Picasso, but can animals actually appreciate art?

    Dyllan Furness

    Jun 30 2017, 6:30pm

    Le singe peintre door Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps

    Science saw the world through different lenses when Womens Shirt Dress Tom Tailor WOUpnU39rx
    first arrived at Cambridge University in the early 1960s. Astronomers were still searching for Jimmy Choo Woman Leopardprint Calf Hair Brogues Animal Print Size 365 Jimmy Choo London UNwlsVIM7w
    , genomes were decades away from being decoded, and Goodall herself hadn't yet revealed the complex social lives of chimpanzees . Back then, humans were seen as a completely different kind from the animal kingdom.


    "Science and some religions were desperate to define ways in which we were different — self recognition, consciousness, and so on," Goodall tells Creators . "One by one, these barriers between us and them were knocked down."

    Today, people often celebrate the similarities between us and our animal relatives , and yet we're sure some traits — such as an appreciation of art — are distinctively human. Then we come across a video of a Golden Retriever admiring a landscape painting and realize it's time to reassess what we think makes us unique.

    Researchers have been studying animals and their relation to art for decades. In 1995, a team of psychologists from Keio University in Tokyo showed that pigeons could be trained to discriminate between paintings by Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso .

    A study in 2001 from the Rowland Institute for Science tested swing dress Black Aidan Mattox oZi2uwR
    of blues legend John Lee Hooker from that of classical genius Johann Sebastian Bach. They could. Years later FOOTWEAR Laceup shoes ATestoni lTmgUPIPX
    by distinguishing between Bach and Igor Stravinsky, which they did in 75 percent of cases. These were impressive and perhaps unexpected feats, but simply distinguishing one arrangement of sounds from another is hardly akin to appreciation.

    Check out more video from Creators:

    "Appreciation of art has two aspects," says Shigeru Watanabe , who led the study on pigeons and paintings. "Namely discriminative (or perception) and a reinforcing property (feeling of pleasure)."

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