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It took over a year to convince my doctor to let me have B-12 shots…he says I have Parkinson’s and has me on meds for that. He only perscribed 10 B-12 shots, one a month, which I see from reading here is not enough. I got the first shot two days ago. Within a couple hours my legs felt stronger and they had more stamina. I also feel hotter. It’s a little easier getting up from a chair or out of bed. I’m thinking I should give myself the shots once a week (or more) and if I improve then convince the doctor somehow to give me more. He says once a month is enough to correct pernicious anemia which he doesn’t think II have. My B-12 tested in the 400’s (over a year ago) which is below the 550 threshold the Europeans use. And my symptoms have gotten worse since the time of that blood test. My iron has tested low since 2001. I’ve taken iron since then in a multivitamin with some improvement but never reaching normal levels. Comments?


Holly says

I’m hoping someone might be able to help. I’m a 33 year old woman with pernicious anemia, I was diagnosed about 4 years ago and currently take cyanocobalamin injections once a month (I’m approved to take it twice a month) as well as methylcobalamin sublingual tablets. I have a 4.5 month old daughter who I am exclusively breastfeeding and I was concerned that she could be deficient because my own nerological symptoms have returned intermitently and I had been a little lax in taking the methly tablets since her birth. Her pediatrican tested her b12 level which showed up at 558 and her MMA test showed up at 220 I also requested a homocystine level which they didnt manage to do. I’m wondering if anyone knows what the normal range for infants is, the pediatrician is not concerned because she thinks that you have to be anemic to have a b12 deficiency.

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Suzanne says

Hi, there. I’m afraid I can’t read through the 600+ comments right now to see if this issue has already been addressed. I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with headaches caused by sublingual methylcobalamin supplementation (or any B12 supplementation, for that matter). Thanks!

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No, but you can search for the word “headache” and read what the postings say about them… right?

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